Time to relax


Relax you guys!

There are periods in my life that things get so hectic, I feel that time isn’t enough t do the basics, let alone relax. You see, I am a working mother. I have two babies. A 3,5 year-old Tasmanian devil and a 1 year-old Tasmanian devil-to be. I have a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier (Tasmanian devil). I work in a hospital. Shifts. Weekends. My husband on shifts and weekends, as well. We cannot afford a nanny and our parents live far away. Some days we just meet at the door passing the car-keys to the other one’s hand and giving a quick kiss. “Call me”!


So, what about relaxation?

You can’t go on without relaxing. Without some personal time. So I have found some formulas that help me cool it a bit. Taking small breaks. Sometimes I just look at my surroundings for a moment. But really see. Usually I do find something beautiful, that I hadn’t noticed before. A cloud, a flower, a color, my kids’ eyes, my husband’s smile.

If there is more time I might listen to a song. Not just play it on the background. Stop what I’m doing to listen to it. 3-4 min. Everybody has 3-4 minutes. I do something I like. For a while, but consciously.

I breathe. Concentrating on your breathing for 2 minutes, usually is very relaxing. You don’t have to count inhaling, hold your breath, count exhaling. I don’t do it necessarily. Sometimes it is just enough to feel the breathing procedure. Feel your lungs work.

Positive thought of the day. Every day I try to remember something nice that happened. I normally do that before going to sleep. Even the worse days have something positive.

Organizing my time. This also helps me relax. A list. What I can do. What is necessary to be done. What can someone else do for me. What isn’t that important and can wait.

These tricks don’t always work. There are days I get carried away by my crazy routines. But also many days I work on relaxing. I owe it to myself. To my husband. To my children. Because when I am fine, they are better!

Relax, even if it is for a moment.

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